Mike & Robin's 10th Anniversary Vowel Renewal

Oh how I adore this beautiful family &  that I got to be a part of their celebration.
I love getting the opportunity to design such fun events.
Robin showed me some inspiration so I could get a feel for what they wanted.
(*hooray for pinterest*)
The pics were filled with COLOR!
I said, ok, I got it- a colorful, playful, backyard party! 
We went over some ideas & she "Yes, &  I trust you - do what you want.. " & she meant it.
The best words a client can say...  
So I got to creating.. And when the florist dropped out last minute, I was secretly kind of excited because I've realized what a huge part of the design the flowers are
& I actually love getting to do it all! 
Photos below by the very talented Kristen Pace of

Look at this happy couple.

5 kids, 10 years of marriage.. 

So sweet & down to earth..

Serious GOALS

Love the way the alter turned out. 

The same officiant as when they 1st said I DO 10 years ago.

How sweet is that?!


Any excuse for me to make a flower crown- I am all in! 

Getting to make it for these sweet girls that were so excited about them- 


Fun with colors & textures! 

And Farmhouse tables- Always a good idea. 

One of my favorite details I wanted to do: hand dyed linen napkins. 
Such a fun way to add color & texture along with the mix matched glassware.
Left a raw edge on them for even more texture &
I love the way they turned out! ♥︎

The kid's table.

Boho lounge style but of course. 

(The Flowers didn't make the photo so you'll have to use your imagination😉)


The audience view of THE KISS.

The kid's faces vs the adults faces. Priceless. 


Fun had by all! 

Congrats again to Mike & Robin on 10 years! 

♥︎ With Love, Ashley 

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