Our updated Puakenikeni candle now in a recycled Spanish glass container. 

COCONUT WAX - Naturally sourced, sustainable, clean burning & last longer because they also burn slower.

LOCAL BEESWAX - Same A+ qualities as coconut wax PLUS it actaully purifys the air AND we are suporting local bee keepers in the process! Whoop Whoop!

HEMP WICK- fully organic, sustainable, smokeless & non-toxic. Coated in beeswax, nothing else.

PUAKENIKENI PHTHALTE FREE FRAGRANCE-  First- this smells like a real deal Puakenikeni flower.. basically tropical bliss. And this type of fragrance does not contain the toxic phthalates other fragrances do. Yaya!

Delicate yet exotic with a blend of velvety island florals and lush greens invoking feelings of intrigue, sensuality, & feminity. . Garden Island Mama Kauai. 

4 ounces of pure bliss  all in a reusable ~ recyclable glass container. 

Made with AL O H A ♥︎